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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by PZ:
Yeah, it was very short concert (about 45 minutes), but the atmosphere was awesome. I sat on the floor, about 6 feet from Linnell's keyboard. The stage was an an 8-inch high platform, so we were looking the guys right in the eye. Danny Weinkauf even did little hand motions to "Violin" along with my daughter and her friend! At one point, Linnell grinned at me because I sang the "Bed Bed Bed" chorus wrong (at the end where it pauses).

The "Sky Church" at the EMP is really cool, with a super-high ceiling and these floating, umbrella/jellyfish things suspended about 30 feet up. The audience was about half youngish (teen/20s) fan-types and half 30-40 yr olds with their kids. The kids really got into it: there were 2 little toddler girls near me who danced and played with balloons the whole time (don't know why they didn't do "Balloons"). Dan Miller's acoustic intro to "Istanbul" was amazing, as was Linnell's vocal on "Violin" and the raps on "WDTSS" (...the nuclear reactions of hydrogen, nitrogen, something else, and oxygen). Flansy mentioned at the end that he was "really proud that we didn't swear once" during the show.

Afterwards they signed stuff at a little booth -- my daughter now has a NO! CD cover with both Johns' signature to go with my Mink Car one from TMBG Unltd. Ah, bliss.