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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by makebase:
Just got back from the Park City gig. Omigosh! I have to say now what I said after I saw "Attack of the Clones": BETTER THAN "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!" Really, I've never jumped and sang and clapped and did my version of dancing so much in my entire life! Okay, I took a pen to write down the setlist, but I was so sweaty that the pen wouldn't write on my arm, as was my intention so I'm going to get these in the wrong order. Hopefully someone can correct me. ***setlist corrected***

So, yeah the opening act, Noe Veneble was an attractive girl who was an obvious TMBG fan. My friend remarked that she sounded much like Phoebe on "Friends." When TMBG came on stage, Flans said that they're used to playing bars when there is a big sporting event going on. People routinely turn around to see the TVs to find out the score. No sports on TV tonight, but they had "Direct From Brooklyn" playing on a TV at the T-shirt stand and Flans remarked that it was frustrating to see himself so thin in the older videos. "She's Actual Size" had a long Dan Hickey drum solo where Flans told the audience to "Press 2 if you wan to hear it in Spanish" and so on like that track on It was great, but by the end he was saying "Press 13". I don't think my phone has a 13. Anyway, I was finally close enough to the stage to be showered by the JKP confetti (which I snatched up as a souvenir). Flans also said that tonight was the first time they had played "In The Middle" live, which is cool, even if it's not entirely true. I assume it is though. He said there was a free ginger ale for anyone who could correctly name the number of times they screwed up the song. Having finished the song without error, he said something like, "Ha! No ginger ale for anyone!"

If you saw anyone with khaki shorts with what you hoped were CDs in the back pockets, that was me, and yes, they were in fact CDs. They were selling a special compilation CD called "They Got Lost: a compilation of rarities from They Might Be Giants." It has a lot of the LTW, WUFTM, and McSweeny's stuff, and some stuff I hadn't heard that must be from Dial A Song. They said they were only selling it at concerts and tonight was the second show they'd sold it at. I bought one for myself and was holding one for my friend.

We listened to it on the 45 minute drive back to Salt Lake. It's pretty cool, especially since I had never subscribed to TMBG Unlimited. I was actually going to pick up a second copy and offer it to someone on the newsgroup/mailing list but I was distracted by the best part of the night. The T-shirt/CD stand was near the entrance of the bar and as I'm making my way out I see Flansburgh take up a position by the door to sign autographs. I made my way over, ripped off the celophane wrapping of the CD, handed him the liner notes, muttered something incomprehensible I'm sure, and he autographed it (!). I then gave him a pat on the shoulder and told him it was a great show. He said, "thanks." I can die now.

[Note: I was not fortunate enough to get Linnell's "John Sid" at this show, but I lucked out and was able to get him to sign it at the Easy Street Records show in Seattle.]

Review by McKay Salisbury:
I've been a TMBG fan for a long time now. Their album Flood was my first CD I ever owned. Now I own all of them. This was the first time that I found a show close enough to me that I could attend. (1 1/2 hours away). It was a great concert, I enjoyed it immensly. I remember the same things that makebase remembers of the show, mentioning of TV in the back, Dan (the drummer)'s solo similar to that on the dial-a-song CDs, confetti. It was great.

I got the They Got Lost CD, and a tshirt, and my sister got Mink Car. My little brother is a bigger TMBG fan than I am, he spent the two years I was off on a religious excursion listening to my CDs so he knows the music better than I do. He was going to come, but ID was required, so he couldn't come. We got a dollar bill signed by John F. and when he got it he said, "like Flanzy on a dollar bill. ahhhh, Yes! Mr. Xcitement." We didn't even know we were fulfilling the song with that one, but he instantly did.