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Review by Russ Josephson:
It was my birthday, and what better way to end the day than a concert from one of my favorite bands? The Johns and Dans were in good form, and I took my daughter Julie with me for her first TMBG concert (she really likes the new album No!, and wants a No! t-shirt).


I was disappointed because they played almost nothing from the Mink Car album :( I don't really count Cyclops Rock and Older. I know that this is the No! tour, but the Mink Car tour bypassed Colorado entirely. IMHO, Mink Car is their greatest masterpiece so far. They aren't embarassed by it, are they? Despite supporting the new album "for the whole family", Flans was as free as usual with the F-word. Since they took the stage last (after 9:45 PM), perhaps they felt that all the children were fast asleep already.


They did the seldom seen "spin the dial" feature, where they try to play along to random music on the radio. The first time I saw "Fingertips" performed live. In fact, they played lots of Apollo 18 songs. The confetti cannon on James K Polk. (I told my daughter about this in advance, so she was expecting it.) They played "Your Mom's Alright" on the PA system after the concert was over. I wonder how many people there knew that it was a TMBG song?

They didn't mention anything about selling a CD at the show, but since the festival spanned about four city blocks, I may have missed seeing their booth. Since the Park City, UT was the day after the Denver concert, were these CDs sold anywhere else? And they played "Man it's so loud in here" in Utah? I love the Mink Car version!

As far as I know they were not signing autographs, either. Never have in CO.

Oh, at one point in the concert, Linnell held up his hand, and said that they were wearing silver bracelets in support?/solidarity? with the "silver surfer". I was totally clueless, but did a search, and he's apparently a comic-book character. But why does he need the support of TMBG?