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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This concert was made into an internet webcast.

Review by Laura Taylor:

My friends and I arrived in Atlanta relatively early in the day because none of us were at all familar with the area and finding the show would be a good thing. We checked in our hotel and started looking over a map to orient ourselves when we were distracted by what sounded like a band setting up outside of our window. With much excitement we ran down the street to check it out, only to discover what we heard was not coming from the concert we would be attending, but even worse there would be a rival outdoor concert across the street from our concert destination. If memory serves me correctly, John and John were a bit miffed at the situation. But on a happy note we discovered our concert spot is walking distance from the hotel. And in addition I managed to catch John and John heading back to their bus. Linnell was about to be interviewed so I had a few brief words with Flansburgh (For the cat lovers out there- His cat had left some fur on his nice black t-shirt.) - talking to him was definitely the highlight of my trip. That is not to say their performance was not wonderfully entertaining. That goes without saying. Their performance was great. They joked a bit about the rival concert across the street. Actually, I could barely hear the other concert and over time forget about it. I think maybe because we were louder than the audience over there. They said this was the first time they had ever done a show with those huge screens so the people in the back could see. I think it was Linnell that said he kept looking over to check himself out and the camera was never on him. Flans said "I need to go on a weight loss program." They played lots of my favorite songs including Birdhouse, She's Actual Size and I Palindrome I. They did Why Does the Sun Shine and said the sun is fueled by "estrogen, estrogen, estrogen and estrogen!" And of course they did several songs from No! When the show was nearing the end Flans said they had about a minute and a half before they would get kicked off stage so they could maybe do half a song. The audience started to boo and whine. And they said "Oh stop it. C'mon. It's all about the love!"
What a great show.

Review by Scott Lange:

I can't recall many specifics, but I vividly recall one of the Johns commenting on the white light that crawls through the giant CNN logo on the side of CNN Center, saying "He's crawling through CNN!" during Dr. Worm. Good crowd, but being several thousand people, not everyone was as intimately involved in the show as might at a typical TMBG show. Still, everyone was into it and seemed to have a good time.