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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was an awesome show. My wife and two young daughters stood right up in front of Flansy. He was concerned about my kids' safety and had security escort us backstage to see the show.

Yeah, I guess it was stupid for me to introduce my kids to a potentially dangerous situation. But I want to thank John Flansburgh for his consideration.

Cheshire Monkey:

I went to this concert after having a spinal tap earlier that day. I remember being so excited that TMBG was coming to my school/place of employment that absolutely nothing was going to make me miss the show. While I couldn't be up front as I normally try to be, it was an amazing show (from the back section of chairs). I do remember having to close my eyes when "Man, It's so Loud in Here" was played because the light effects were giving me a headache, but other than that - I was able to enjoy the show fully.
It was also a somewhat sadder show as it was the first one TMBG played after the 9/11 attacks. I think everyone was feeling reverent when "New York City" was played and the confetti canons went off.