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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was my first Show. Tiny little personal venu, and some crazy drunk man shouting "SPIDER" for like 4 songs. Naturally after the guy got kicked out, they played Spider. Also I got Flansburgh's autograph after the show on a box of violet's gum. The coolest thing about the show I think was sitting in Cranston dining hall on the SUNY Fredonia campus and having my friend Nick Besette come up and ask me if I wanted to see They Might Be Giants tonight. The answer was ofcourse 'Hellz yes!' Though perhaps the kids didn't say that back then. Anyway, I wore a brand new pair of green converse allstars to the show...or were they any rate, it was a good break-in opportunity. For part of the show we were right up near the stage. It was the first time I'd heard 'New York City', and Nick had been talking about it all the way in, but I don't think I've since been to a show where they didn't play the song.