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Review by StarGlider:

The show was the best They show I have yet seen (well, out of the two i've seen...maybe that doesn't say much, but this was really a good show). Actually, it was probably the best show I've seen period.
The opening band, which seemed to take forever, was called Okgo. They were *ok*, but mostly annoying because we were all anxious to see They. After a very LONG intermission, the real show began.
They came onstage to a standing ovation (which, come to think of it, never sat down). Everyone was on their feet, and as the music began, people danced and sang along, basically like a huge, loud, wonderful party. Then, Flans invited everyone up to the front of the stage for a 'love in'. There was much screaming and jumping, not to mention the fact that They did a really great job.
After the show, we waited around for Them to sign autographs, but the Secerity kicked us outside. That, of course, didn't stop us, so we waited out in the cold for at least 30 minutes at the back door. At LONG last, they came out. John L. refused to sign, but Flans obliged and signed my John Henry booklet. Even though I didn't get the sig of my fav John, I'm ecstatic just the same.
That's really all there is to say. It was a lot of fun, and I will DEFINITELY go to their next concert in UT.