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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Flansburgh on Everybody Conga:

"Everybody conga, I am not kidding!
In fact I would be swearing!
If my mom wasn't here.
Everybody conga!
Shy people conga!
Everybody Conga, I am not kidding!
People in the back, conga!
The song won't start 'till you conga
Then you'll be listening to this part
Which is really not the best part
Of the whole show
Everybody conga!
People behind the fence, conga!
People on the bikes, conga!
Cops, conga!
Even though I'd be swearing
If my mom wasn't here
One, two, three four!"


Both Johns dutifully sat and signed autographs at a table after the show.
John and John perform at the Hatch Shell.
John and John sign autographs after the show.