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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Jish:
This show was unreal. It was a very very small venue on the campus of IUP. I drove a bunch of people from my High School the hour to the campus and we, after some confusion, found the place they were playing.

There couldn't have been more than 200 or so people at the show. The show started out normal enough but soon it got realllly special! They played the amazingly cool slow version of Meet James Ensor that I had never heard before and then went into Metal Detector. At that point I thought it couldn't get any better... then it did. They started playing something I didn't recognize at all until I heard the chorus "I have learnt the value.... of human sacrifice". AHAFSHD! I thought that song was just a myth! All I can really say about it is it seems like they improv it each time they play it. Kind of like the Spy improv but a little more planned. You can see on the setlist that it says "Human in A" which implies that they can play it in any key.

Anyway the rest of the show rocked also as you can see on the setlist. As I like to say, this was the best TMBG show that nobody went to!