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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Flansburgh made a comment at one point towards those who were pushing folks up to the stage, asking if everyone could move back "...about one foot."

"Physically," he said, "You're further away...but emotionally, you're a whole lot closer."

A heavily abridged soundboard recording was aired on WBER, and later released on a bootleg cassette. The tape was released as a “1996 Concert Season Promotional Tape”, and in the credits at the end of the tape, the venue is called by the recently changed name, The Water Street Music Hall. WBER did not air O, Do Not Forsake Me, Stomp Box, Spy, I Palindrome I, She's An Angel, Meet James Ensor, Lie Still, Little Bottle, The End Of The Tour, Twisting, or Frankenstein, and therefore said songs were omitted from the bootleg.