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This was my first time seeing They Might Be Giants. I was a Senior in High School and had heard from friends (literally ringing my phone off the hook), that TMBG would be playing a free preformance at Carnegie Mellon University at their Spring Carnival. My friends and I piled into a car too small for all of us and arrived, only to run into a van full of our friends there also. The campus was crowded with people who were there for the Festival.
It turned out that the concert was in the gymnasium and for CMU students only, but there was a huge crowd of non-students who had arrived also. I joined a group of about forty which was climbing in an open window on the back of the building to gain access, and we made it as far as a stairwell before being chased back out the window by security. Finally, a student who we knew snuck a few of us (including me), into the concert one by one by washing off her hand-stamp each time she came back out. The concert started soon after. The Johns were on a raised stage at the end of the gym. Eventually security gave up on only letting students in and the rest of our group had come in and found us not long after.
I was a little too hyped up from dancing, singing, and the adventure getting in to remember a great deal (this was fourteen years ago, after all), but I remember the HUGE conga lines to Purple Toupee, and Flans singing Shoehorn with Teeth and raising his arms with his hands in a "C", one after the other. The gym was pretty full - but no so full that it seemed overcrowded. It was a wonderfully exciting time.