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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I wasn't at this show, but I was given a bootleg recording of it by a fan who was. Flans introduced the show as their last in the UK (on this tour). A memorable but irritating feature of this show was a bunch of drunk lads who kept shouting "RAVE ON!" throughout the show, including during a number of songs. Flans acknowledged it first by commenting that "sports fans" had entered the show. Later, Linnell introduced a song by saying it was called "Rave On". Unfortunately this only seemed to encourage them. As the band were still touring as a duo in 1990 the use of backing tapes meant their setlist did not alter much between shows on each tour. but they would open shows on this tour with an accoustic number (usually Lie Still Little Bottle, but sometimes Istanbul) and would drop in accoustic songs throughout the set. Notable about this show is a performance of I'll Sink Manhattan which was not in their sets at the London and Leeds shows on the same tour, and for which I also have recordings. Sadly the pauses in the song were the perfect opportunity for more shouts of "RAVE ON". Linnell's accordion apparently broke at some point during 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes' and they left the stage after an encore of 'Shoehorn With Teeth'. At other shows in the tour they had played 2 more songs.