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Tickets were $2

The poster for this show was reproduced in a TMBG newsletter with the following text: "This is the poster for our third show. It was our return engagement with Dr. B's, where we debuted as They Might Be Giants. It is now a wine bar."

In a 2013 Tumblr post containing the poster, John Flansburgh said:

An early poster from one of our shows at Dr. B’s in SoHo. Before the East Village scene blew up with hot spots like the Pyramid [Club], 8BC, Limbo Lounge and Darinka, there were just a few odd showcase clubs available to us. Dr. B’s, RT Firefly and others I have blocked from my memory were the only places we could get gigs. Small, but friendly crowds, but very much an anonymous, who knows? kinda vibe.