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Possible sequel to Birdhouse in Your Soul?

I'm pretty sure it was written/recorded before "Birdhouse". - FrankEinstein

What the choclate choclate chip cookies does thie have to do with Birdhouse in Your Soul?

It mentions a "nightlight in the sun", but I'd call it coincidental.

It's a Sally Boy Candy Bar--M. Fudd 01:11, 15 Dec 2005 (EST)

I think it's about a fat man who eats too much bread and wears christmas lights so he can glow in the dark.... --User: Nerdy4ever95

Most Important TMBG Song In The Discography?[edit]

What does outboard mean in this context? The two definitions are:
- situated on, towards, or near the outside of a ship or aircraft.
- (of an electronic accessory) in a separate container from the device with which it is used.

"Bread board bread board" Bread boards are used in electronics as a way to test out circuitry, acting as a connector for the components, so I think we can assume it's the electronic definition. I believe bread boy is meant to mean that this is some sort of test artificial lifeform, a robot or AI.

Now it seems like the way it uses "outboard" is to say it's having some sort of out of body type experience...or being separated from the device it's meant to be a part of. But why is it "putting on some weight"? Maybe it has transferred to a new device.
-Lost My Mind explains this out of body experience from the perspective of the body the bread boy is leaving.
-Replicant explains the breakdown the bread boy is having. "Eating sand" and "shoveling handfuls of dirt on [it]self."
-Sleep explains its process of taking over a new "device."
"I'm a sleep tight on the run."
"But don't let anybody know."
What songs are all these on? Nanobots.

There are references to "everybody singing" and it being a "night light in the sun." A night light in the sun both references Birdhouse In Your Soul AND the fact that this bread boy feels unnoticed, unappreciated (because a night light in the sun would be very hard to see, it's being overshadowed by something.) Who is "everybody singing?" The ones who sing Birdhouse. The Johns.

I believe that the Johns have created an artificial implant for their brains, one with its own self-awareness which creates the songs for them. And now it has run amok. Outboard Part of Man was the AI foreshadowing everything.

We see the bread boy's total breakdown in the song "Thinking Machine." A tragic end to the true creator. Sleep tight, bread boy.

--Serz 04:57, 14 December 2020 (EST)