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This song[edit]

Is of course describing life and life on earth and educating about the dangers of creationism attempting to stifle the academic process. Educating about evolution awareness. Giving even the harshest of cynics an optimistic mind on alien life. lol


The impoosible dream is not as elusive as it might seem. Things change, perspectives shift, what seemed impossible before becomes possible now.

The song is about optimism, even in cases where there is no hope, and negativity prevails.

I am trans and this song makes me cry[edit]

The specific part that just tears into my soul is: "But there's something else they didn't know: You can change your shape and you can grow Out of nothing into something new Something made up into something true"

Absolutely beautiful lyrics to describe what it's like to realize I've been terrified of becoming what I really am and how it feels "to be more like you are" even when "they said I was impossible."


Some kids just Will. Not. Behave. Or conform. Or sit still. Or pick up their toys. Or keep both socks on and stop ("Stop!") smearing PBJ on the wall. After repeatedly trying to rule this unruly whirlwind, a parent or teacher boiled over with frustration and blurted out "You're... IMPOSSIBLE!"

To some kids those words would be crippling. To this kid they became a slogan, a challenge, a cereal box prize, and a superhero cape.

Like Fibber Island, Impossible is about soaring to unknown fun places "in your mind." Imagine the possibilities! Nehushtan (talk) 20:47, 14 September 2022 (EDT)