Guitar Tab:Impossible

From This Might Be A Wiki
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2003
Tabbed By: Chimpoozle

The bass notes after the '/'s refer to the bass guitar and do not indicate the chord inversion played on the keyboard. Play the chords like this:
C6 = C E G A C
Cdim7 = C Eb F# A C
Dm7 = C D F A C
Fm6 = C D F G# C

            C6                  Cdim7/Eb          
Well, they said I was impossible
           Dm7                Fm6
Yes, they said I was impossible
           C6                      Cdim7/Eb
And that someone who behaved like me
         Dm7          Fm6
Couldn't be, couldn't be


But, there's something else they didn't know
          A#                           A#m
You can change your shape and you can grow
        Dm7                     G7
Out of nothing into something new
           Dm7                     G7
Something made up into something true
            C6              Cdim7/Eb
Though it happens quite impossibly
      Dm7                   Fm6
The impossible turns out to be

        Am/A                    E+5/G#
If you wish you had violet hair
       C/G                               D/F#
That flows from your room down the stair
        Dm/D                      A+5/C#
If you want to run as fast as a car
          F/C                       G7
Or just want to be more like you are