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The sequel to Become A Robot[edit]

After becoming a robot (whoops, too late...), the protagonist is left in a robot body, with a completely infantile memory and intellect. He must be retaught all over again, from everything including the alphabet. He becomes obsessed with the English language and from then on, all he knows how to do is recite the alphabet with young children. Tis a sad life indeed... Mr. Klaw (talk) 13:44, 28 December 2017 (EST)Mr. Klaw

To get back at Mr. Klaw, no, kids just like talking robots. Like, I understand that a lot of songs (most of them) possibly have deeper lore. But kids just like robots.

You are BOTH WRONG! The robot is planning to destroy humanity by getting rid of every child. The robot does this by enticing children by reciting the alphabet with them, trapping them in robot suits. And destroying them. It’s all very clear and simple. SorryForHittingYourEye (talk)