Interpretations:Fingertips (Banjo)

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This is the easiest TMBG song to interpret as it has to do with incest... let me explain...

The singer is singing about his fingertips which is only repeated three times and therefore he has only counted three fingertips. So we can infer that this man was either in a terrible industrial accident or is some kind of mutant. It's clearly because he is the result of an incestuous relationship, because the music he plays is banjo music. Since banjo music is not synonymous with industrial accidents and is known for rednecks, we can safely assume that the man singing was born without two (or seven) fingers because his brother love his mother "too much". Armicron 18:17, 18 July 2006 (UTC)Armicron

... Or they just thought it sounded weird and funny, you freek =P

No. It's fingerTIPS, not fingerTIP. So he has more than three. ~AgentChronon

Fingertips #2 interpretation[edit]

It’s about a guy going on a date with a woman, but has HORRIBLE social skills, and says the WORST compliments (“Nice fingertips”).

  • This guy might be the guy from “Bangs”