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I have been a TMBG fan for a long time. I saw the tiny toon music videos and my dad told me where to get more albums. We immediately went and bought the debut album and Lincoln. We got to listen to these tapes 5-6 times each during our yearly camping trips.

Keeping up the pace with TMBG, I bought all their albums (but none of the EPs) up until John Henry, which in my honest opinion is their worst album. I didn't think they came out with anything else after that bomb, but a friend of mine had me listen to Mink Car. So I immediately went out and got some of the other TMBG albums I had been missing since then.

Oh! Before I forget, don't forget to look at my interpretations for the tracks of Fingertips as they are quite insightful and humorous.

Favorite Song by Album[edit]

  • The Pink Album - Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
  • Lincoln - Ana Ng
  • Flood - Dead
  • Apollo 18 - Narrow Your Eyes
  • John Henry - Destination Moon
  • Factory Showroom - Spiraling Shape
  • Severe Tire Damage - Dr. Worm
  • Long Tall Weekend - Dark and Metric
  • Mink Car - Mink Car
  • The Spine - Damn Good Times
  • The Else - Bee of the Bird of the Moth
  • Join Us - Canajoharie