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An utterly unromantic love song, by and for intelligent, mature people, in the tradition of Pet Name. The narrator and his significant other have been together for a long time and are probably married; the opening lines suggest the wife getting ready for work and talking to her husband, who's got the pillow over his head. The narrator is tired of people who are "too sentimental" -- too soppy and poetic and teenager-like about relationships. He's happy with his wife and knows she's happy with him. None of that needs to be said anymore -- they're not one of those couples that says "I love you" every ten minutes -- but they haven't gotten bored with each other, and every kiss still feels like the first. This is one of the best songs They have ever done, in my humble opinion.

What's with "walking round wearing all of my clothes"? That line's funny and weird. I always think of the woman as having put on every item in the guy's wardrobe. I dig those ridiculous, ambiguous lines that keep popping up in TMBG songs.

I remember reading an interview with Flans where he mentioned that most couples end up sharing each other's clothes at some point. So that's what the lyric's about. --Vovat

This song is about one of the most unconventionally beautiful relationships in the world; a couple that's been with each other long enough and work together well enough to have a sense of humor about their relationship. The wife bugs the husband when she's talking about nothing while he's trying to sleep; however, rather than being the kind of couple who fights when they're annoyed, they share a laugh over it. "Another first kiss" is a joke to them; they love each other deeply, but they hate hearing sappy things like "Oh, honey, every kiss with you is another first kiss..." They are the best kind of couple in that they don't let their relationship magnify trivial things into something large; they are comfortable enough in their relationship to treat it with humor rather than grave seriousness. They're the type of couple who will be together forever, and laugh at the relationships which are crippled by taking themselves too seriously.

I don't think "another first kiss" is a romantic sentiment at all. It's impossible to get another first kiss with a person you've kissed before. What it should mean is that the singer and his significant other each desire another first kiss, which is then achieved only by doing it with new people. They want to separate, this verse putting it succinctly:

You could tell me we belong together

And I could tell you you belong with me

But we've run out of things to say

And we'll be happy anyway so


How 'bout another first kiss?

Or to simplify the song in one cliched term, it means: "I think we should start seeing other people."

- sheep

It doesn't seem that way to me, possibly because I heard the other version of the song first, which contains the line But we decided long ago / We'd build a time machine and go, so I take the song fairly literally as a wistful paean to the serotonin-deficient days when the couple first fell in love. The removal of that line takes the sci-fi out of it, making it in the words of the band a "straight-ahead love song". But if I hadn't heard the other version first, I can see how it can be heard as a break-up song - As she runs out of things to say / And grabs my coat to walk away...


The tune is too much of a straightforward progression in a major key (cheery, etc.) for it to be anything but a happy love song. TMBG use melody and harmony all the time to build their songs' moods, and I don't see why this song would be an exception. A similiar example is "New York City" (albeit written by Cub), which shares the same hopeful, forward-looking expression of love. In fact, I think the couple in the song has managed to keep first love alive, by treating it like a continuing discovery.

-- Elissa

Have any of you every thought to think that this songs could be about one of the Johns and their wives? Or both of them? I mean, when u get married, your spouse usually will end up wearing your clothes, if not all the clothes she's wearing are your clothes. and about the other first kiss part, the first kiss is the best kiss ever, so they want a really nice kiss before she leaves the house. duh.


Wasn't this song sung by Adam Sandler in 50 First Dates?

-- Anon and on and on and on

Are you serious? --The Mayor of Cowtown (talk) 20:50, 15 February 2021 (EST)

I think that this is a song about a couple that keep having arguments and "breaking up", but they both know that it's utterly hopeless and that they will inevitably get back together again in the end. Hence the lyric "puts on my coat to walk away", walking away is brekaing up, but she's wearing his clothes because they both know she's coming back. "Another first kiss" refers to the first kiss after they get back together again. -DefMon

Hey there, I just thought that I'd reply to your question. No, it wasn't Adam Sandler sung a similar song which they wrote specifically for the movie, it was about having another first kiss but the lyrics and tune are totally different. I know, I checked myself. But it's kind of dumb that they didn't use a great song that had already been written.

I always thought this wasn't about a couple in a long relationship. I thought it was about two people that had a one night stand with no further intentions and decided that they actually liked each other. The "How 'bout another first kiss?" is just the kind of thing that giddily and fresh in love couples say to each other as they rush off to their real outside world. The lines "Other people were too sentimental/And always worrying about their hair/Got tired of wasting all my time" refer to the dating scene and all the girls with baggage. He got sick of the dating scene, gave up on trying to please them, and met the love of his life in the process. -Hallie

Seems strange to me that later albums like"Factory Showroom" and "Mink Car" have songs like this one and "Bangs", "Pet Name" and "New York City", while their early stuff was much more cynical and disillusioned ("They'll Need a Crane", I'll Sink Manhattan", "Don't Let's Start"). I hope it means TMBG's love lives matured rather happily.

The Woman Who Folded Herself[edit]

"Another First Kiss" is a song about a woman who travels back in time to have a love affair... with herself.

The song even has a reference to a time machine. That's why she's "walking around in all of my clothes" - the older version of herself is, literally, wearing the same clothes, brought back from the future. And of course, she experiences the "first kiss" twice: The first time as her younger self, and "another" first kiss as her older self, when she goes back in time to start the affair.

Yes, I know it's silly. But it makes me smile. :)

I guess I'm the only one who thinks that this song is about getting married. Just think of it, the only other way to really have another first kiss is through marriage(first kiss as a married couple).

I think the first line is about a dream of the girl where they get married. Then again, the whole thing sounds like it. And Flansy wants "another first kiss" where the first kiss was in the dream. Now that I think about it, it really does make sense. -- Buzzmusic100 ("Keep your voice down...")