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Problem solved[edit]

I did all the clicking and such to say which albums i own. Then when I paste the template into my userpage and type in my user ID where I'm supposed to, then i hit preview and the whatever it is that's supposed to pop up, never does. :( what am i doing wrong?

sorry.. I found my problem.. nevermind!! :D lol —Preceding unsigned comment added by Nerdy4ever95 (talkcontribs) 17:50, 8 February 2010

Used to own[edit]

What do I do for albums that I used to own? --Jibblies108 (talk) 15:47, 2 September 2023 (EDT)

They wouldn't be on your collection, correct? TitanicFog (talk) 16:15, 3 September 2023 (EDT)