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Sally Boy Candy Bar.
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about me[edit | edit source]

hi there! here on the wiki my specialty is imagery, most of which consists of artwork that i have scanned and presented neatly. i also like doing discographical detective work, and if you have any questions about different releases (or any questions at all) i'd be happy to answer them. drop me a line for any suggestions, requests, or comments! i am usually around on irc, aim, and gtalk, and of course you can leave something on my talk page. electronic mail has also been known to work.

acquisitions[edit | edit source]


TMBG / Fried Split SingleThey Might Be Giants (First pressing; x5, two w/o barcode, two sealed!)They Might Be Giants [Japanese] (x2)They Might Be Giants [UK] (x3; one test pressing!; one rebranded OLI copy)They Might Be Giants [German] (x3; one test pressing!; one rebranded OLI copy)They Might Be Giants [Spanish]They Might Be Giants [Greek]They Might Be Giants [Australian]They Might Be Giants (Restless rerelease)They Might Be Giants [European Elektra rerelease]Don't Let's Start [EP] (x3; one sealed!)Don't Let's Start [EP] [German]Don't Let's Start [EP] [Australian]Don't Let's Start [Australian 7" Single]Don't Let's Start [EP] (Restless rerelease)(She Was A) Hotel Detective [EP] (x3; one sealed!)Ana Ng [12" Promo]Lincoln (x4; one sealed!)Lincoln [Canadian]Lincoln [UK]Lincoln [German] (x2: one test pressing!)Lincoln [Spanish]Lincoln [Italian]Lincoln [Swedish]Lincoln [French]Lincoln [Australian]Lincoln (x2) [European Elektra & WEA Rereleases]They'll Need A Crane [Promo]They'll Need A Crane [EP] (x4; one sealed!)They'll Need A Crane [UK Single]They'll Need A Crane [UK EP test pressing]They'll Need A Crane [UK EP]Ana Ng [UK 7" Single]Ana Ng [UK 12" Single]Ana Ng [Australian Single] (x2)They'll Need A Crane [Spanish Single]They'll Need A Crane [French Single]Don't Let's Start [UK]Don't Let's Start [German]Birdhouse In Your Soul [Promo]Birdhouse In Your Soul [US Single]Flood (x3: one sealed!)Flood [Canadian]Flood [UK Release]; [German Release (with German lyric sheet)]Flood [Australian]Flood [BMG] (sealed!)Flood [Columbia House]Flood [European reissue]Flood [Asbestos pressing]Birdhouse In Your Soul [EP] (x2; one red/black labels)Birdhouse In Your Soul [German EP]Birdhouse In Your Soul [European Single] (x2) : [UK Single]Birdhouse In Your Soul [Australian Single]Twisting [Promo]1990 Test Pressing [Twisting / James K. Polk / Ant] (x2)Your Racist Friend [Promo]Don't Let's Start [Elektra EP Rerelease]Don't Let's Start [Elektra UK 10" Rerelease]Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [EP] (x2; 1 UK, 1 EU; both with Flood poster)Don't Let's Start [Elektra Single Rerelease]Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [European Single]Ana Ng [UK 12" Single]Ana Ng [European 7" Single]Hey, Mr. DJ [Promo]The Statue Got Me High [EP]Apollo 18 (x2)Apollo 18 [Asbestos pressing]The Statue Got Me High [Single]The Guitar [UK EP]The Guitar [UK Single]The Guitar [European Promo]Why Does The Sun Shine? [Single] (x2)O Tannenbaum [Single]John HenryFactory Showroom (x2; one sealed)S-E-X-X-Y 12" Remix PromoS-E-X-X-Y Commercial Remix 12" (sealed)The Devil Went Down To Newport [Single]Olive, The Other Raindeer [Flexi]Montana [Single] (x2; one unopened)The Else (x2; one sealed)Join Us (x2; one sealed)TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band [EP]Nanobots (x2; one sealed)The Avatars Of They [EP]Idlewild (x2; one sealed)


They Might Be Giants [ESD Pressing] (x2)They Might Be Giants [First Bar/None Pressing]They Might Be Giants [First Bar/None / Restless PressingThey Might Be Giants [Canadian]They Might Be Giants [RTD 57 Pressing]They Might Be Giants [Disctronics Australian PressingThey Might Be Giants [Japanese] (x2)Don't Let's Start [EP] [ESD pressing; x2 (one sealed)]Don't Let's Start [EP]Don't Let's Start [EP] [Restless Release](She Was A) Hotel Detective [EP]Lincoln SamplerLincolnLincoln [BMG]Lincoln [German Release]Lincoln [Italian Release]Lincoln [Australian Release]They'll Need A Crane [EP] (x2; one sealed)Purple Toupee [Promo]Don't Let's Start [LP] (UK pressing)Don't Let's Start [LP] (German pressing)Birdhouse In Your Soul [Promo]Birdhouse In Your Soul [EP]Flood [radio promo; sealed!]FloodFlood [Columbia House (x2; one for sale!)]Flood [BMG]Flood [European Release]Flood [Japanese Release]Twisting [Promo]Don't Let's Start [Elektra EP Rerelease]Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [EP]Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [UK EP]They Might Be Giants [Canadian Elektra Rerelease]They Might Be Giants [European Elektra Rerelease]They Might Be Giants [Elektra Japanese Reissue]Lincoln [European Elektra Pressing]Lincoln [European WEA Pressing]Lincoln [Japanese Release]Ana Ng [Elektra Release]Hey, Mr. DJ [Promo]Miscellaneous TMiscellaneous T [Japanese Release]The Statue Got Me High [Promo]The Statue Got Me High [EP]Apollo 18Apollo 18 [Canadian]Apollo 18 [European]Apollo 18 [BMG] (x2)Apollo 18 [Columbia House]Apollo 18 [Canadian Columbia House]Apollo 18 [Japanese]I Palindrome I [EP] (sealed)The Guitar [EP]The Guitar [European EP]Why Does The Sun Shine? [EP]Hello The BandDr. Spock's Backup BandState Songs [EP]John Henry [Advance Promo]John HenryJohn Henry [Canadian]John Henry [European]John Henry [BMG]Back To Skull [EP]Back To Skull [European Release]Snail Shell [Promo]AKA Driver [Promo]Live!! NYC 10/14/94John Henry [Australian 2-Disc Edition]Sleeping In The Flowers [Promo]Unsupervised [Advance Promo]UnsupervisedThe Devil Went Down To Newport [EP] (x2; one sealed)House Of Mayors ["Hall" cover]Factory Showroom [Promo]Factory Showroom [Advance]Factory ShowroomS-E-X-X-Y [2-track promo]S-E-X-X-Y [3-track promo]S-E-X-X-Y [EP]S-E-X-X-Y [Single]Then: The Earlier YearsSelections From ThenIt's Fun To Steal (x2)Severe Tire Damage [Promo]Severe Tire DamageSevere Tire Damage [UK]Doctor Worm [Promo]Doctor Worm [UK Single]Severe Tire Damage [Japanese]Long Tall Weekend (x2; one sealed promo)Long Tall Weekend [Wired Edition]What We Did This SummerState Songs [Advance Promo]State Songs (x2; one autographed!)Montana [Promo]Best Of The Early Years [Alt Tracklisting]Live (sealed)Working Undercover For The Man [EP] (x2; one sealed)Boss Of Me [Single]2001 SamplerTMBG Vs. McSweeney'sBoss Of Me [UK Single]Boss Of Me [European single]2001 Radio Sampler No. 12001 Radio Sampler No. 2Mink Car [Advance]Mink CarMink Car [metallic cover]Mink Car [European Release]Mink Car [Australian Release]Mink Car [Japanese Release] (sealed)Special "Mink Car" Sampler"Mink Car" Retail SamplerMan, It's So Loud In Here [US Single]Another First Kiss [Promo]Man, It's So Loud In Here [Australian EP]They Might Be Giants In HolidaylandNo!They Got Lost [Idlewild Release]Indestructible Object [EP]Selections From The Spine (x2; one sealed)The Spine [Promo]The Spine [UK CDR Promo]The Spine (x2; one sealed)The Spine [Canadian]The Spine [UK Promo]The Spine [UK Release]The Spine Surfs Alone [EP]Prevenge [Promo]Here Come The ABCsA User's Guide To TMBG [UK Promo]Podcast HighlightsHello RadioI'm Impressed [Promo]2007 Radio SamplerThe Else [Advance Promo]The ElseThe Else [Australian Release]Here Come The 123sHere Come The 123s [Indian]The Else [Japanese Release]Here Comes Science [Advance CD/DVD]Here Comes Science (sealed)Here Comes Science [Canadian] (sealed)Here Comes Science [UK Promo CD]Join Us PreviewJoin Us [Promo]Join UsJoin Us [UK Promo]Join Us [European Promo]Can't Keep Johnny Down [Promo]Can't Keep Johnny Down [UK Promo]You Probably Get That A Lot [UK Promo]Album Raises New And Troubling QuestionsNanobots [Promo]NanobotsNanobots [European]Nanobots [Australian release with bonus disc]Nanobots [European Promo]Lost My Mind [Promo]Circular Karate Chop [Promo]You're On Fire [Promo]IdlewildIdlewild [European Promo]Idlewild [European]GleanGlean [European]Glean [Australian 2-disc edition]


1985 Promo Demo Tape #31985 Demo Tape1985DemoHello.png1986 Demo Tape [unique]They Might Be Giants (A HAON 002) (x2; one with hype text and sealed!)They Might Be Giants (7 72603-4)Don't Let's Start [EP] (x2; one sealed)Don't Let's Start [EP] [Restless Release](She Was A) Hotel Detective [EP]LincolnLincoln [BMG]Lincoln [Columbia House]Lincoln [Spanish]Lincoln [Italian]Lincoln [Australian]They'll Need A Crane [EP] (x2; one sealed!)Purple Toupee [Fake 8-Track (sealed!)]Birdhouse In Your Soul [Single] (sealed!)Birdhouse In Your Soul [UK Single]FloodFlood [Canadian Release]Flood [European Release] (x2)Flood [Australian]Flood [BMG]Flood [Columbia House]Flood [Philippine]Istanbul (Not Constantinople)Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [UK Single]Miscellaneous T (x2; one sealed!)Apollo 18Apollo 18 [Canadian]Apollo 18 [European]Apollo 18 [BMG]John Henry (sealed!)John Henry [Canadian] (sealed!)John Henry [European]John Henry [Thai]UnsupervisedFactory ShowroomFactory Showroom [Indonesian]S-E-X-X-Y [EP]LiveBoss Of Me [European]


The Videos 1986-1989 [LaserDisc]The Videos 1986-1989 [VHS]Video CompilationDirect From Brooklyn [VHS]Direct From Brooklyn [DVD]Gigantic [DVD]Venue Songs


Make It The SameFlexi-party poster!Disco Lover / Plastic Rap1988.06.08 posterLincoln postcardLincoln longboxFlood flatFlood longboxFlood magazine adBirdhouse In Your Soul posterPink Album magazine adLincoln magazine adEdisongs [LP]Apollo 18 flatApollo 18 World Tour stickerApollo 18 adGerman Apollo 18 tour ticketJohn Henry magazine adStumpbox [original bootleg]Factory Showroom flat

a fez signed by both johns!

pink, lincoln, flood, apollo 18, john henry, and indestructible object posters

two huge european flood cover art posters

a german apollo 18 tour poster

a poster for the 2007 show i went to

a spectacular mousepad

some t-shirts, including a state songs shirt!

and a bunch more memorabilia and posters i don't have pictures of (yet).


DAM2.pngDAM1.pngfloodd50.pngJHdemos.pngUpsapalooza.jpgA Testimonial Dinner.jpgKitKat.jpgThe Complete Factory Showroom Sessions.jpgUnltd03.pngTMBG-Hiway.jpgT-Shirt [Single]

plus all the demo tapes, podas collections, some live shows (inc. frank o'toole and statesmen shows), and lots more.

stuff i want:

swedish Lincoln cd

a large number of things from australia

Snail Dust Demo #1; (ANY quality better than 128kbps mp3) eternal gratitude if you can provide me with this!

this poster; i'd give so much for one

miscellany[edit | edit source]

other bands i like, vaguely descending order of preference

XTC, OK Go, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Oppenheimer, The Go! Team, Moon Hooch, Lincoln, Vitalic, Nelories, Jonathan Coulton, Kraftwerk, Sparks, Aquabats, Talking Heads



thanks[edit | edit source]

there are a number of people who are made of win, and who have, in some way or another, significantly contributed to the formation of my tmbg appreciation, experience, and knowledge. the following is a list of those people that i'd like to thank. if you are one of these people, but aren't listed, that is due to my rather scattered brain, and not any disregard.

in alphabetical order:

seriously, go tmbg fans!