Fingertips (Live 2001)

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song name Fingertips
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - November, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2001
run time 5:54
sung by John Flansburgh and John Linnell


  • From TMBG Unlimited: "Coming out of a discussion that ended up as a challenge, we have finally master playing 'Fingertips' live, and here is the exciting evidence to prove it. This recording was made at one of our long-time favorite venues - Pearl Street in Northampton, Mass."
  • This performance comes from the Nov. 4, 2001 show.

Song Themes

Accidents, Body Parts, Colors, Death, Fire, Food, Friendship, Funny But Sad, Loneliness, Love, Misanthropy, Not In 4-4 Time, Questions, Strangers, Transportation, Violence, Weather, Windows, Yes


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