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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Twisting (Demo) 1:43

Dial-A-Song 1988 Lyrics in the verses are significantly different
Twisting 1:56

Flood, Twisting (Promo), Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants 1990  
Twisting (Live NYC) 2:27

Live!! New York City 10/14/94 1994 References Primus instead of Young Fresh Fellows.
Twisting (Flood Show) 2:54

TMBG Unlimited 2001  
Twisting (Ritz Show) 3:40

TMBG Unlimited 2001  
Twisting (Live TMBG Unlimited) 3:00

TMBG Unlimited 2001 Live accordion and sax - Linnell inserts the Georgy Girl opening riff.
Twisting (Blue Note Show) 2:51's Free Tunes 2004 With wicked guitar solo
Twisting (Remix) 4:20

Podcast 34A 2008 Extended dub with percussion closer to demo; no lead vocals
Twisting (Live In Australia) 1:58

Flood Live In Australia 2015