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"You can't create a masterpiece dabbling in finger paints" - Apollo 18 Promo

Contact Info[edit]

Email: [@]
TMBW.Net Chat: Duke33

About Me[edit]

Duke33, aka Brad Will, is the other co-founder of this wiki, along with Scott Redd. Back in 2002, I generously ponied up a whopping $10.77 in seed money from my Paypal account to help with our initial hosting fees. Since then, I have become the main owner of the site, and am involved in hosting and general administration. (Although I have to give credit to all of TMBW's other admins, specifically Jon Uleis, who have helped with the administration of the actual wiki content.) I'm also extremely proud to say that since TMBW.Net's inception, we have been able to run a site that: a) doesn't rely on "in-your-face" ads, and b) doesn't take donations for revenue.

Over the years, I've built several extensions, hooks, and special pages to help create a more enjoyable site for everyone. In addition to actively administering the site, I have also created a bot, ThisMightBeABot, to help do routine maintenance tasks. To find out more about me and my contributions to this wiki, you can also check out the history of TMBW.Net.

Stuff I've Recently Done For TMBW.Net[edit]

  • Worked with Jon on his changes to the Azure skin to make it utilize a responsive design.
  • Updated our old Blanko and ChoppingBlock skins to use resource loader.
  • Updated all our custom extensions to use the new MW extension.json loading mechanism.
  • Migrated Azure, Yuletide, and Deciduous to all use one common skin function, with different resource loading depending on the script in use.
  • Implemented a new template for news items on the front page. It supports tweet buttons (for the most recent items only) and links to directly archive the old news for me only. Rewrote my News Archival extension to support this template.


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