1984 Promotional Demo Tape

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1984 Promotional Demo Tape demo tape cover
1984 Promotional Demo Tape
Demo tape by They Might Be Giants
First released 1984
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Tracks 5 Last demo tape 1983 Demo Tape
Label TMBG Music Length 11:29 Next demo tape Wiggle Diskette

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Everything Right Is Wrong (1984 Demo) 2:48


2 Number Three (1984 Demo) 1:38


3 Hell Hotel (1984 Demo) 1:56


4 Youth Culture Killed My Dog (1984 Demo) 2:22


5 They Might Be Giants (1984 Demo) 2:45  N/A

Rumored 1984 demo tape[edit]

Also allegedly released in 1984, but essentially debunked in 2013, was a rumored demo tape initially perpetuated by an email from a fan to Jonathan Chaffer of tmbg.org on January 6, 1996, prompting him to add the tape to the TMBG.org Discography which subsequently carried it over to TMBW:[1]

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 96 17:58:44 0500
From: Andy Friedman <noise@nando.net>
To: jchaffer@tmbg.org

A friend of my called me the other day with some pretty cool news--she uncovered an old They Might Be Giants tape which I hadn't heard of and isn't on the archive. It's got a big pink and orange head on the cover and discretly says "They Might Be Giants" in the corner. There were five songs, if I remember correctly, and two of them were called Kitchen Door and Rules. I haven't heard it but several other sources have told me it is Theyesque. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this.

The tape was only rumored to exist and a copy from a fan never surfaced. As such, the tape was likely invented through the above story and passed along as a legend since. In 2013, John Flansburgh commented on the tape on the TMBG Are OK Tumblr: "Sounds fake. I don't recognize either as lyrics... but maybe they are fragments or made up after the fact. I guess I’d have to hear it or see a lyric. But yeah, seems fake."[2]