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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Todd:
On October 29 I saw TMBG for my first time, and, they were great! Here in Moline (IL) though, there aren't many TMBG fans, in fact, me and my friend were probably the only people in the building who were there for TMBG (considering it was a Hootie show). No one seemed to recognize much of their music except for one lady who we heard yell, "Play Particle Man!". So while they were playing we were jumping around, dancing, singing, and all the Hootie fans around us just looked at us like "Are these guys for real?". Linnell looked at us several times as he saw we were pretty much the only ones enjoying ourselves and that was real cool.

During "Spy", some guitarist from Hootie was out there playing along with Graham, which was nothing exciting, but all the Hootie fans went crazy. During "Ana Ng", instead of "as i was driving once i saw this painted on a bridge", Linnell did some weird noises and it sounded cool, they might always do this live, but I wouldn't know? Overall, this was the best TMBG performance I've ever seen, especially considering I've never seen any other TMBG shows.