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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was especially cool because it was only John, John and Brian. People were yelling out "JOHN!" all the time, so I felt I must yell out "BRIAN!" 8 or 9 times.

Here's the set as I remember it:

Older: Supercool, the best song on FS, still. Linnell was playing the second guitar part on his accordion (accordion!!!) and it was real fucked up, but still cool. The audience seemed to dig it, even though none of them had ever heard it.

Meet James Ensor: This was really great for one major reason. At the point at which there is usually keyboard with guitar playing, Linnell just started singing "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo," very cool.

New York City: This song was marginally improved from the album version based solely on the lack of "blazing guitar solos" to quote Flans.

How Can I Sing Like A Girl: This was neat.

Ana Ng: Really neat. I couldn't tell what they were saying at the "painted on a bridge" part but it definitely wasn't "I don't want the world"...

S-E-X-X-Y: Flans commented that they would probably have to stop half way through this, but when they got done he said some thing like "We're to fire our bassist," jokingly of course.

Bird House In Your Soul: You know this got the Floodies cheering, very cool, there's been lots of improvement (well, not so much improvement as addition) on the accordion parts of this song.

Cowtown: I was surprised as hell.

James K. Polk: Proof that our 11th was the best. Linnell said "this a song about a president" as the music was starting and I yelled out "Polk" and he said, "in fact it's our only song about a President."

Stump the Band: First they encouraged people to steal from the record store then They played "For Your Love" by Yes... Really well played until Flans broke into the rock out ending, which was the way the song goes, but he sorta fucked up, I guess. He claimed that "that's the way we play it"...

Why Does The Sun Shine?: Aside from a lack of lyrical improvisation, this was the very best version of this song I've ever heard. Flans (Or maybe Linnell) said they were gonna do it like Trini Lopez. The spoken parts came out like you'd expect to hear in a poetry club. The music sounded like a sort of Latin/Regae version of the real way.