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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $9.

Review from The Virginia Pilot (Oct. 9, 1990):

They're wacky. They're weird. They're witty. They're They Might Be Giants, and they shook the Boathouse Saturday night with a too-brief concert of their zany profundities masquerading as excellent pop songs.
Over 1,000 fans of all shapes and sizes showed up to see the two Johns - guitarist/vocalist Flansburgh and accordionist/vocalist Linnell - and to dance, sing and get silly.
An oversized metronome atop a large pedestal kept time for "Lie Still Little Bottle," a funky ditty utilizing Linnell on baritone sax and Flansburgh soloing on two trumpets simultaneously.
The Giants barrelled through "Lucky Ball and Chain" and a uniquely extended version of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," complete with primal screams. An oom-pahing "Particle Man" made way for "Whistling In The Dark," with Flansburgh on big bass drum.
A solid set of gems from the Giants' second album, "Lincoln" - "Snowball In Hell," "Ana Ng," "Cowtown" and "Kiss Me, Son Of God" - was followed by "Birdhouse In Your Soul," a shimmying "Twisting" and video-hit "Don't Let's Start" (just not the same without those giant fezzes).

They Might Be Giants were not excused without an encore. "Shoehorn With Teeth" and "Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes" closed the show, which lasted just over one hour.