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Songs that include the use of onomatopoeia, lyrically or musically.

Lyrical[edit | edit source]

Musical[edit | edit source]

  • Ana Ng - On the line "And it sticks like a broken record / Everything sticks like a broken record", the chord progression irregularly repeats itself, as if the record is indeed broken
  • Erase - Words are "erased" from lines as the song progresses.
  • Four Track Mind - Features four layered tracks of recorded music
  • I Can Help The Next In Line - The narrator repeats the title many times, as if he were actually helping sequential people in line.
  • Infinity - After the line "figure of eight goes around", the word "around" and its accompanying music repeat itself irregularly many times.
  • Iowa - After the line "And if that broom don't fly / I'm gonna buy you / a Dustbuster", a Dustbuster can be heard.
  • Letter Shapes - Even without the video, one can imagine the letters being drawn in the air with the various bursts of musical notes and sound effects.
  • Mrs. Train - The song gets progressively faster, like a train gathering up steam.
  • Nanobots - Flansburgh's altered, monotone background vocals sound as if they could have been performed by the titular miniature automatons.
  • Nonagon - Little sound effects after the name of each shape identify how many sides that shape has.
  • Older - The song is set at 60 BPM, meaning for every beat, the listener is one second older. Additionally, "Time is marching on" is set to a march-like tempo.
  • Rolling O - Linnell's "Mr. Lips" bebops along to rolling, rollicking music.
  • Solid Liquid Gas - Each state of matter is given an appropriate musical tempo: solid is slow and dirge-like; liquid is mid-tempo; and gas is a breakneck pace.
  • They'll Need A Crane - During the final repetitions of the song's title, the guitar notes sound similar to the sirens used in construction vehicles.

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