Interpretations:The Bloodmobile

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Yeah...I think I might be about the heart and the circulatory system...Anyone wanna back me up on that one?

Well, the article says it was made for an exhibit at a museum... -Ecks

Linnellism in full flush. Scientific and grammatical punctiliousnes, relentless lyric/concept simplification, melodic ascendency, weaving counterpoints, and a 'vocal funhouse' of different textures and registers. But probably because it wasn't written "for himself", it remains a work of fine craftsmanship instead of a work of art. Science itself is not really interesting, and in this song (unlike Mammal or I Palindrome I) Linnell does not hint at what he feels about the song's topic. --Nehushtan 01:34, 17 Mar 2006 (CST)