For Science

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song name For Science
artist They Might Be Giants
releases (She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP), Don't Let's Start (Album), Miscellaneous T, Then: The Earlier Years
year 1988
first played January 28, 1987 (5 known performances)
run time 1:19
sung by John Flansburgh; John Linnell; Anne Moore


  • From the Then liner notes: "'For Science' is a micro rock opera with a science fiction motif. The part at the end about destroying the universe was a spontaneous and unrehearsed outburst from Mr. Flansburgh."
  • On the (She Was A) Hotel Detective EP, the song is listed as "For Science Featuring Lt. Anne Moore." According to Flansburgh, "Anne Moore was a friend of the band the Jickets who we opened for a number of times, so we knew her from those shows. She was game, so we just had her sing the part." [1]
  • The punk band Blaster the Rocketboy incorporated lyrics from this song in the outro to their song "Time Machine" from their 1996 album Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires.
  • The song title was used as the name for New Jersey pop-punk band For Science in the 2000s.

Song Themes

Death, Egoism And Pretentiousness, Kingdom Of Loathing Reference, Love, Medical, Non-John Vocals, Science, Space, Telecommunication, Trees And Other Plants, Songs With Handclaps, Yes


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