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In April 2006, Dunkin' Donuts began their America Runs on Dunkin' ad campaign, featuring multiple commercials with original songs by none other than They Might Be Giants. (It makes perfect sense, really. TMBG is known for being a coffee-fueled band.) A few more commercials premiered up until June, when round 1 of the campaign had ended. In September and October of 2006, round 2 began, bringing six new commercials (with the ending lines spoken by John Goodman). In January 2008, two new commercials began airing.

A few years later, John Flansburgh had this to say of the project:

Through the mid-00s TMBG recorded a couple dozen songs for television and radio commercials for Dunkin Donuts. It was an impossibly open-ended assignment and easily the most fun we’ve ever had working for television folks. The creative team there would often just give us small sets of words to work off of, and "Karate!" might be the most extreme example—and yet it turned into something far more universal than one might imagine.

Ad Name Length First Aired Watch
Round 1:
A Ton Of Stuff 0:30 April 2006 Youtube.png
Early Fishin' 0:30 April 2006 Youtube.png
Lunch Is Over 0:30 April 2006 Youtube.png
Lunch Is Over (Radio Version) 0:30 April 2006 Radio only
Pleather 0:30 April 2006 Youtube.png
Things I Like To Do 1:00 April 2006 Youtube.png
Tree 0:30 April 2006 N/A
I'm In A Rut 0:30 May 2006 Radio only
One Billion Degrees 0:30 May 2006 Youtube.png
Karate! 0:25 June 2006 Youtube.png
Round 2:
Human Interest 0:30 September 2006 Youtube.png
Alarm Clock Catastrophe 0:30 October 2006 Youtube.png
Autopilot 0:30 October 2006 N/A
Fritalian 0:30 October 2006 Youtube.png
Got Getting Up So Down 0:30 October 2006 Radio only
Job Interview 0:30 October 2006 N/A
Lefty Loosey 0:30 October 2006 Youtube.png
One Car Motorcade 1:00 Unaired N/A
Round 3:
Bleachers 0:30 January 2008 Youtube.png
Steps 0:30 January 2008 Youtube.png
All Night Blowout 0:30 April 2008 Youtube.png
Moving 0:30 April 2008 Youtube.png

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