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Hey, my name's The Dork Knight. I'm 16 years old, and I've been a fan of TMBG for quite some time. Last year I had to do a project for my Music Appreciation class. The project was that I had to do a report on a musician. I decided to write about TMBG. After doing the report, I learned more about TMBG than ever before. Thanks to the report, I loved TMBG's even more. Since then, TMBG has become one of my all time music groups of all-time.

My favorite TMBG songs are...

Don't Let's Start, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Ana Ng, Bastard Wants To Hit Me, We're The Replacements, Why Does The Sun Shine?, Taste The Fame, Taste The Fame (Home Movies Version), Meet James Ensor, James K. Polk, L M N O, Cyclops Rock, Camp Campingston URGR8, Prevenge, Experimental Film, Older, Particle Man, Alphabet of Nations, Become a Robot, Rabid Child, I Should Be Allowed To Think, Love Is Eternity, and Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

I also have a blog. Here's the link.

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