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Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 2004.

This user is 27 years old.

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FanClub12 45.png This user is a member of the Instant Fan Club.

RAD This user is a part of the Dial-A-Song Radio Network.

SHO This user has attended the following shows.

Twoface.jpg This user doesn't know which John they prefer.

PinkAlbum.png This user's favorite album is They Might Be Giants.
DLS.png This user's favorite EP is Don't Let's Start .

VID This user's favorite TMBG video is Purple Toupee.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is She's An Angel.

Charlottesville 45.JPG This user's favorite Venue Song is Charlottesville.

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(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)1985 Demo Tape2001 Radio Sampler No. 12001 Radio Sampler No. 2Album Raises New And Troubling QuestionsApollo 18Apollo 18Apollo 18At LargeAt LargeBack To SkullBOOKBOOKBOOKBOOKCast Your Pod To The WindCelebrate James Ensor's Death Week With They Might Be GiantsDial-A-Song Radio Network SamplerDirect From BrooklynDon't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (EP)Factory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFloodFloodFloodFour Covers From TMBGGleanGleanHello The Band (EP)Here Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Comes ScienceHouse Of MayorsI Like FunI Palindrome I (EP)Idlewild (Album)Indestructible ObjectIstanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)It's Fun To StealJohn Flansburgh's Mono PuffJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn Henry DemosJoin UsJoin UsJoin Us (Four Advance Tracks)LincolnLincolnLive In BerlinLive!! New York City 10/14/94Long Tall WeekendMink CarMink CarMink Car Retail SamplerMontana (Single)My Murdered RemainsMy Murdered RemainsNanobotsNo!O Tannenbaum (Single)Phone PowerS-E-X-X-Y (EP)Severe Tire DamageState SongsState SongsState Songs (EP)The Avatars Of They (EP)The Communists Have The Music (Single)The Devil Went Down To Newport (EP)The ElseThe ElseThe Escape TeamThe Escape TeamThe Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP)The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP)The SpineThe Spine Surfs Alone (EP)Them Ain't Big Eye AntsThem Ain't Big Eye AntsThen: The Earlier YearsThey Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants - Joshua Fried Split SingleThey Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney'sThey'll Need A Crane (EP)TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP)TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP)UnsupervisedVenue SongsWhy Does The Sun Shine? (EP)Why?Wiggle DisketteWorking Undercover For The Man (EP)