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Baby wait... I didn't mean to say nightmare... - They'll Need A Crane

about me[edit]

I'm 18, with nothing to do.
I love they might be giants alot, they never fail to make me smile.
I'm writing a novel
Follow me on Twitter here

TMBG Related Things I Own:[edit]


They Might Be Giants (CD, Tape & Vinyl)
Lincoln (CD,Tape & Vinyl)
Flood (CD,Tape & Vinyl)
Apollo 18 (CD & Tape)
John Henry (CD)
Factory Showroom (CD)
Severe Tyre Damage (CD)
Long Tall Weekend (CD, Cost me sooo much)
Mink Car (CD)
No! (CD)
The Spine (CD)
Here Come The ABCs (CD/DVD)
The Else (CD, Vinyl)
Here Come The 123s (CD/DVD, Unopened. The Worst TMBG album IMO)
Here Comes Science (CD/DVD)

Related Albums[edit]

Hello EP (Hello The Band)
House Of Mayors EP (John Linnell)
State Songs (John Linnell)
It's Fun To Steal (Mono Puff)
Unsupervised (Mono Puff)


The Videos 1986-1989 (Video)
They Might Be Giants (Video)
Rock Video Monthly (Video)
Direct From Brooklyn (Video/DVD)
Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (DVD)
Venue Songs (DVD/CD)


Flood T Shirt
(Ordered but not here yet)Here Comes Science T Shirt
TMBG Pencils (Used for writing stories)
John & John Postcards
Skull Mousemat
Millionaire Mug
Snowman/Don't Lets Start Wallet


Birdhouse Single Promo
Severe Tyre Damage Promo
1919 Poster
They'll Need A Crane Still ( Made this myself for an art project)


Confetti Cannon (Bootleg)
WFMU Show (Bootleg)
Complete Dial - A - Song recordings (all available)
Malcolm In The Middle Leaks (bootleg)
Cartoon Network Songs
TMBG Unlimited (complete)