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Mr. Xcitement[edit]


Adult Albums: They Might Be Giants, Lincoln, Flood (US and BMG), Apollo 18 (US, BMG, and Japanese versions), John Henry (Japanese, US and BMG), Factory Showroom (US, BMG, and promo), Long Tall Weekend, Mink Car (US and UK versions), The Spine, The Else(1st and 2nd U.S. pressings), Join Us, Nanobots (U.S. release and European promo), Glean, Phone Power, I Like Fun, My Murdered Remains, The Escape Team

Kid Albums: No!, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s, Here Comes Science, Why?

EPs/Singles: Don't Let's Start(3"), (She Was A) Hotel Detective(3"), I Palindrome I, They'll Need A Crane(3"new in shrink wrap!), Istanbul (Not Constantinople), S-E-X-X-Y(EP and Promo Releases), They Might Be Giants In Holidayland, Working Undercover For The Man, Boss of Me (US single and UK ep), Indestructible Object, The Spine Surfs Alone, The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), Back To Skull, Why Does the Sun Shine, Sleeping In The Flowers (Promo), 2001 Radio Sampler #1, Lincoln Sampler, You Probably Get That A Lot (promo), Lost My Mind (promo), Circular Karate Chop (promo), Twisting (promo), Mink Car Retail Sampler, Selections From The Spine, No! Preview, Join Us (Four Advance Tracks)

Collections/Live Albums:Then, The: Earlier Years, Miscellaneous T, They Got Lost, Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants, Venue Songs(Dual Disc), Severe Tire Damage (original and reissue), Best of the Early Years, Cast Your Pod To the Wind, Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, At Large, They Might Be Giants vs. McSweeney's, Idlewild, A User’s Guide, John Henry Demos, Live, Don’t Let’s Start, Selections From The 2-CD Retrospective Then: The Earlier Years, 50,000,000 They Might Be Giants Songs Can’t Be Wrong, Live!! NYC 10/14/94

Vinyl: Lincoln (original and 2018 repress), Birdhouse In Your Soul (UK Single and US 12” promo), Join Us, The Else, TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP), Flood (European original release and repress, picture disc), Avatars of They EP, Factory Showroom, John Henry, They’ll Need A Crane, O Tannenbaum, Specialty Records Test Pressing, TMBG/Joshua Fried Split Single, Wiggle Diskette, (She Was A) Hotel Detective, Phone Power (both versions), I Like Fun, Nanobots, Twisting (12” promo), Istanbul (12” promo), Nanobots, The Communists Have The Music, Don’t Let’s Start (orange cover and RSD Release), The Statue Got Me High (12” ep), Don’t Let’s Start (compilation), Why?, Apollo 18 (original European), John Henry Demos, The Escape Team, Reflex 23 Flexi, Glean, Self Titled (UK and 2019 remaster), My Murdered Remains, Idlewild, Istanbul (UK ep)

Cassette: Flood (US and promo), John Henry, Apollo 18, Lincoln, Don’t Let’s Start (ep), 1985 Demo Tape (Hello edition), Live, Factory Showroom, I Palindrome I, They Might Be Giants, They’ll Need A Crane

Downloads: Climbing the Walls (ringtone); T-Shirt; TMBG Unlimited October, November, and December 2001, Join Us Preview, The Spine Hits The Road, Rhino Hi-Five, Modern

DVD/VHS: Direct From Brooklyn, Venue Songs(Dual Disc), Videos Compilation (original and Earlier Years promo), Them Ain’t Big Eye Ants (both versions), Gigantic

Misc.: They Might Be Giants foam finger, custom Flood pin, They Might Be Giants Window Cling, autographed No! t-shirt, presidents TMBG! t-shirt, autographed Bed, Bed, Bed(book and CD), Flood T-Shirt , Join Us T-Shirt, 2 Join Us Stickers, TMBG Information Bulletin Fall 1992, Alphabet of Nations t-shirt, Set of 4 Guitar Picks

Solo/Other Works: Unsupervised (Hello and US releases), It's Fun To Steal, State Songs (CD and RSD vinyl), Make It the Same, Hello the Band, State Songs (ep), The Devil Went Down To Newport (7”), Olive The Other Reindeer, John Flansburgh’s Mono Puff, Montana (12”), House of Mayors, The Steve Calhoon Years, The Hal Cragin Years

Honorable Mentions: Sky High Soundtrack, Songs From The Material World A Tribute to George Harrison, Disneymania 2

Mr.Xcitement's Collection
(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)1985 Demo Tape2001 Radio Sampler No. 150,000,000 They Might Be Giants Songs Can't Be WrongA User's Guide To They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, QuantityAlbum Raises New And Troubling QuestionsAlbum Raises New And Troubling QuestionsApollo 18Apollo 18Apollo 18Apollo 18Apollo 18At LargeBack To SkullBed, Bed, Bed (Book)Best Of The Early YearsBirdhouse In Your Soul (EP)Birdhouse In Your Soul (EP)Birdhouse In Your Soul (EP)BOOKBOOKBOOKBOOKBoss Of Me (Single)Boss Of Me (Single)Cast Your Pod To The WindCircular Karate Chop (Promo)Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be GiantsDirect From BrooklynDon't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (EP)Don't Let's Start (LP)Don't Let's Start (LP)Factory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFloodFloodFloodFloodFloodFloodFloodGigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns)GleanGleanHello Family Santa SpecialHello The Band (EP)Here Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Comes ScienceHouse Of MayorsI Like FunI Like FunI Palindrome I (EP)I Palindrome I (EP)Idlewild (Album)Idlewild (Album)Indestructible ObjectIstanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)It's Fun To StealJohn Flansburgh's Mono PuffJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn HenryJohn Henry DemosJohn Henry DemosJoin UsJoin UsJoin Us (Four Advance Tracks)Join Us (Four Advance Tracks)LincolnLincolnLincolnLincolnLincoln SamplerLiveLiveLive!! New York City 10/14/94Long Tall WeekendLost My Mind (Promo)Make It The Same (Single)Mink CarMink CarMink Car Retail SamplerMiscellaneous TMontana (Single)My Murdered RemainsMy Murdered RemainsNanobotsNanobotsNanobotsNo!No! PreviewO Tannenbaum (Single)Olive, The Other Reindeer (Single)Phone PowerPhone PowerPhone PowerReflex 23Rhino Hi-Five: They Might Be GiantsS-E-X-X-Y (EP)S-E-X-X-Y (EP)Selections From The 2-CD Retrospective Then: The Earlier YearsSelections From The SpineSevere Tire DamageSevere Tire DamageSleeping In The Flowers (Promo)Specialty Records Test PressingState SongsState SongsState Songs (EP)T-Shirt (Single)The Avatars Of They (EP)The Communists Have The Music (Single)The Devil Went Down To Newport (EP)The Devil Went Down To Newport (EP)The ElseThe ElseThe ElseThe Escape TeamThe Escape TeamThe Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP)The Hal Cragin YearsThe SpineThe Spine Hits The RoadThe Spine Surfs Alone (EP)The Statue Got Me High (EP)The Statue Got Me High (EP)The Steve Calhoon YearsThe Videos 1986-1989Them Ain't Big Eye AntsThem Ain't Big Eye AntsThen: The Earlier YearsThey Got LostThey Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants (Album)They Might Be Giants - Joshua Fried Split SingleThey Might Be Giants In HolidaylandThey Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney'sThey'll Need A Crane (EP)They'll Need A Crane (EP)They'll Need A Crane (EP)TMBG Unlimited - DecemberTMBG Unlimited - NovemberTMBG Unlimited - OctoberTMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP)Twisting (Promo)Twisting (Promo)UnsupervisedUnsupervisedVenue SongsVideo CompilationVideo CompilationWhy Does The Sun Shine? (EP)Why?Why?Wiggle DisketteWorking Undercover For The Man (EP)You Probably Get That A Lot (Promo)

About Me[edit]

My parents bought No! for us when it came out. I was 6 at the time and have been hooked on the band since. My obsession really took off around 2008 when I was in middle school and started collecting all of the band’s albums.

Aside from TMBG I’m into collecting vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and 8-tracks from all types of artists. I also make art and can be found at or on Instagram @ethanalart. I’ve made covers of Spy and Road Movie to Berlin for the TMBS compilations on Bandcamp as well.

Everything below this point was written in middle school/high school but I wanna leave it as a time capsule for myself.

Favorite Bands: They Might Be Giants (obviously), The Beatles, XTC, Ok Go, Green Day, Screeching Weasel, Black Sheep, Beastie Boys, Bomb the Music Industry! etc...

Favorite Movies: Any of John Hughes' Brat Pack movies, anything Star Wars (other than the animated movie and the holiday special), anything by David Lynch, Pulp Fiction, Fargo

Other Favorite Things: Anime, Musical Instruments, Food

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