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Evil Bunny!!!
Dr. Snail

So you have come here? Or was this just an accident? Many have asked this question before. Erm..... yes!!! Well how can this person be summarized you ask??? How to do this you wonder? I shall tell you!!! This person is just another TMBG fan. Evil bunny

Geez that was odd. You were not expecting that, were you? Yes, neither was Dr. Snail.

Now that I have informed you of my ethnicity (for no reason), I want to inform you that I have no idea who Dr. Slug is and he is not real, he is actually fake, he is not a doctor and might be [a] giant slug. This might be Dr. Slug. It is very possible that I will be an active contributor and will talk of my interpretations of many TMBG songs.

Favorite Songs[edit]

  1. Don't Let's Start
  2. I'm Impressed
  3. Ana Ng
  4. Dr. Worm
  5. Experimental Film
  6. Particle Man
  7. Your Racist Friend
  8. Birdhouse in Your Soul
  9. No!
  10. Robot Parade


The Else

I am most definitely excited about "The Else" coming out in July!!! I have already pre-ordered my copy and am counting the days until it is in my possession.