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History of TMBG in my life.

I first learned about TMBG when I saw Gigantic (at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA incase anyone cares). We (my sister, my father, and I) went because my father had heard of them before (he wasn't a fan yet) and thought it might be interesting. Soon after, we got our first album, Flood. This lead to the Pink Album, and total obsession. I (we) now own every album, with the exception of some compilations, and I am working on getting all of the eps.

This is kind of/really neat

I go to a very small Waldorf school, about 50 students, about 15 teachers. We moved to a new, bigger, much bigger, building last summer (the old building had 5 cramped classrooms, the new one has 8 plus a computer lab, a lounge, and a basketball court). This same summer, Lincoln-Sudbury Highschool built a new building and tore down the old one. Fans with good memories will know that this was where the John's met, and went to school together. With the new building they got all new furniture, supplies, etc. and gave away the old stuff. I know this because my sister and I helped with the move. We got a large portion of this "junk". Of course most of the stuff was fairly new, but there many wooden chairs which we all believe to be very old. Old enough that the Johns have actually used these chairs? I don't know, but I would like to believe it. I will sumerize with a rip off of an old song, which by Sarah Vowell wrote about in The Partly Cloudy Patriot:

"John and John's old school lies a 'moldrin' in the grave, Their chairs go marching on."

My first TMBG concert

Yes, I am ashamed to admit it but until now I had never seen a Giants show. On wednesday my dad picked my sister and I up from school and we drove about 4 hours (from the Boston area) to the Lincoln Center. Yes it was the McSweeney's show, my dream concert. TMBG, Sarah Vowell, David Rakoff, Ben Karlin, and guest appearences by Robin Goldwasser, and (yay) Stephen Corlbert. All of whom, if I didn't love before, I really love now. Everything's a blur right now. I'm going to write more about it as soon as I can think strait (it's monday now, so that may be quite a while).

Welcome and awesome. Stephen Colbert is my most favorite comedian of all time. I love the "This Week in God" segments he does for the daily show. Check em out at ~ fingertips

I know. Those clips are all that keep me from killing myself for not getting cable.-Augie