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Hello there fellow TMBG Fans.

I am a relatively new fan of the band, but love them to death. I had never even heard of them before May of 2004 when my best friend dragged me to their free concert at the Baltimore Harbor celebrating the opening our newly renovated science center which I have yet to visit. But anyway, the catchy lyrics and the John's senses of humor made me race to the Barnes and Nobel (on the other side of the harbor) to pick up a couple of their cd's. It took me about 1 listening to become addicted and about 3 to know all the words to all the songs on those CD's. I currently own Mink Car, No!, Indestructable Object, They Got Lost, The Spine, The Spine Surf's Alone, the Dial A Song Compialation and the 20 Years Of TMBG Compialation. By ways of DVD's I have Gigantic(signed) and Here Come the ABC's (signed)I also have the NO! T-shirt(signed) and the Snowman Sweatshirt. I am supposed to be getting Direct From Brooklyn for my birthday in June. I went to my second concert during the Spine Tour at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh. We talked my friend's parents into driving us up their already from baltimore, and I think they have sworn they will never do it again. Its a really long drive from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. Most recently my two best friends and I attended the Here Come the ABC's instore at the Towson Borders. We met the Johns and Marty and got stuff signed. They were really nice.

I guess some would say I fit the general steryotype of a TMBG fan. Minus the crazy drunkeness Minus being a crazy liberal (yes I am Republican, though I do have some democratic ideals so don't kill me just yet) Minus liking coffee (can't stand the smell or tast, but I do like caffine) I am an Athiest though. Does that count? I think i really fit in with the sort-of geeky/nerdy/techie group. I also can't stand serious people and all my friends tell me I'm really funny so...yeah.

I also listen too:
Black 47 > Celtic Rock
Common Rotation
Gaelic Storm > Celtic Rock
I love RENT the musical and am often found listening to the Original Brodway Cat recording

My Favorite Movies:
Hotel Rwanda
LOTR Series

My Favorite T.V. Shows:
CSI: Las Vegas
CSI: Miami

I play on the schools Badminton Team
I play football with my little brother and some of my guy friends
I never miss a football game on TV. GO BALTIMORE RAVENS!

Favorite Songs: Not in specific order
1. End of the Tour
2. Twisting
3. Yeh Yeh
4. Another First Kiss
5. Birdhouse
6. Ana Ng
7. Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
8. Whistling in the Dark
9. New York City
10. Mr. Xcitement
11. Don't lets start
12. Istanbul
13. Where do they make ballons
14. Wicked Little Critta
15. Dr. Worm
16. Sexxy
17. The guitar
18. I Palindrome I
19. Bangs
20. Fingertips
21. Man It's so loud in here
22. Experimental Film
23. They'll need a crane
24. Snail Shell
25. Purple Toupee
26. Damn Good Times
27. It's kickin in
28. I am not your broom
29. Wearing a raincoat
30. Lazy head and sleepybones
31. Sleepwalkers
32. Alphabet Lost and Found
(I actually love them all, but these are on the top of my list)

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