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Hi, welcome to my page. Out of the THOUSANDS of other pages on this wiki, why did you choose this one? There are much better ones to choose from, you know.

Brief description about myself: I'm the user that makes the most mistakes whenever I edit a page, causing me to correct them multiple times in a row. I'm kind of a great, big nerd (hell, I read dictionaries as a kid) who works as a lifeguard. I play the accordion. I wish I was better at it, but my former instructor was a jerk.

Other bands I like: "Weird Al" Yankovic (who inspired me to pick up the accordion. The Johns inspired me to play seriously.) DEVO (the other towering kings of nerd rock.) Talking Heads (...them, too) Oingo Boingo Madness Elvis Costello and the Attractions Sparks (they're like the TMBG in an alternate universe.) Violent Femmes Tom Lehrer Barenaked Ladies Crash Test Dummies Moxy Früvous Fountains of Wayne (an absolute banger of a band. I dig Semisonic, too, just not as much as FoW) Weezer (yes, even after all this time.) Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club (he died too young. He seemed like a fun dude to hang out with.) Tally Hall Atom and his Package (maybe it's because I'm also a stocky white guy with glasses from a town minutes from Philly and a fondness for synthesizers) Ben Folds Five New Radicals Television The Shaggs King Missile (yes, they wrote Detachable Penis, but they're fucking hilarious) The Dead Milkmen Ween The Magnetic Fields The Decemberists The Postal Service Meg & Dia Stolen Babies Modest Mouse Wilco Neutral Milk Hotel (yes, they can be overwhelmingly awkward, but i enjoy the surreal lofi music even though it took a while for me to get into them.) REM The Presidents of the United States of America (both the band and the biographies of the real commanders in chiefs) Harvey Danger Eels Guided By Voices Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Frank Zappa The Mothers of Invention King Crimson Soul Coughing Epic Rap Battles Of History (dude, i was so obsessed with ERB in middle school. I guarantee i still have all the battles memorized in my subconscious) Schoolhouse Rock (the music still holds up, dude. if you like Mammal, James K Polk or songs like that, revisit SHR) and a few others I'm not thinking of at the moment

Bands I'm not quite fond of: The Grateful Dead Nickleback (obvious choice but nonetheless) Maroon 5 One Direction Train (their lyrics are just too stupid)

Bands that are a guilty pleasure of mine (even if i admit i like them) Crash Test Dummies (they're just silly but nothing really wrong with them.) Simple Plan Weezer (especially Pinkerton. Rivers just loves writing songs no one can relate to but him. I am not enrolled in Harvard and I am not sexually frustrated.) Wheatus (very poor man's Weezer) Sixpence None the Richer (I don't care what people say, Kiss Me is one of my favorite songs and I'm not ashamed of that.) Bowling for Soup Savage Garden (I grew up listening to their first album) Lou Bega The Meg & Dia song "Monster" (i'm a sucker for a good melody, and this one ascends in the right places) ... and Meg & Dia in general

Bands I've never gotten into but respect: The Beatles David Bowie