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Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

SV This user has rated the following songs.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Wicked Little Critta.

VID This user's favorite TMBG video is Birdhouse in Your Soul.

Apollo18.png This user's favorite album is Apollo 18.
HotelDetectiveEP.png This user's favorite EP is (She Was A) Hotel Detective .

Twoface.jpg This user doesn't know which John they prefer.

Miller 45.jpg This user's favorite band member is Dan Miller.

Asbury Park 45.JPG This user's favorite Venue Song is Asbury Park.

Trumpet 45.jpg This user plays trumpet.

I have been part of this wiki for many moons. I am one of many who enjoy turnips, yet I also enjoy TMBG, Lost, and QUESADILLA!