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Welcome to This Might Be A Wiki's TourBusStop.

This Might Be A Wiki is a MediaWiki-based wiki dedicated to the rock band They Might Be Giants. Our Mission Statement is simple.

This Might Be A Wiki seeks to classify and document everything related to the band They Might Be Giants.

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A list of all of TMBG's albums. All albums have been categorized in separate sub-categories.

Guitar Tabs[edit]

This is the most comprehensive listing of They Might Be Giants guitar tabs/chords on the web. Enjoy.


Songs can mean many things to different people. Sometimes songs seem to be written with a particular meaning in mind. Sometimes they have no meaning at all. This page provides a place for people to add their own ideas about the meanings behind They Might Be Giants's songs.

Song Themes[edit]

This page attempts to categorize and index the various themes and notions present in the songs of They Might Be Giants.

Song Ratings[edit]

This page is generated dynamically, and shows the most up-to-date rankings of TMBG songs. In order to rank your favorite or least favorite TMBG songs, go to that song's page, and vote. When you submit your vote, it will be counted automatically. This is non-wiki code that we have homegrown ourselves.