The Chop Shop Store Contest

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In mid-2007, and The Chopping Block partnered to bring users a contest. They asked for re-recordings or re-writes of the song "I Got My T-Shirt Back".

Contest types[edit]

There were two contests: one for "artistic types", and one for "lyrical geniuses".

For the first contest, the re-recording of the song, users were encouraged to choose any method, whether guitar, drums, accordion, keyboards, stylophone, a capella, etc. Remixes and mashup entries from "budding DJs" were also welcome. Entries were to be sent as MP3s only, and kept to a manageable size.

For the second contest, users were encouraged to take the lyrics to the song and rewrite them in a fun way. The topic could be about anything - The Chopping Block, TMBG,, whatever. Entries were to be sent as text.

Winners and Entries[edit]

Here are all the entries that were received for the re-recording and re-writing contests.


Winner of the Re-Recording Contest: TVsKyle!

(Listed in the order entries were received)

Name Listen
Jon Veliky Listen
Unmutual Listen
Wetreplies Listen
spaceship Listen
Mucket Listen
TVsKyle Listen

Lyrics Re-Write[edit]

Winner of the Lyrics Re-Write Contest: Ganna!

(Listed in the order entries were received)

Name Listen
Jon Veliky Read
Goodtimes2 Read
Yoyogod Read
Ganna Read
FlinnsyFan Read
Curious and questioning Read
Captain Red Read
Chad F. Read


A panel of five judges (2 TMBW / 3 CB) reviewed all entries and chose the winners. Winners were judged as follows:

Re-Recording Criteria[edit]

  • Quality (40%)
  • Melody (25%)
  • Creativity (35%)

Lyrics Re-Write Criteria[edit]

  • Creativity (50%)
  • Humor (25%)
  • Sing-ability (25%)


Re-Recording Contest Prizes[edit]

  1. Any T-shirt of your choice from The Chop Shop Store
  2. Take a picture of yourself wearing the T-shirt, and it will be featured on the Chop Shop Store's front page! (Some minimal image direction from The Chop Shop was provided for taking the image.)
  3. Two TMBG Party Posters

Lyric Re-Write Contest Prize[edit]

  1. Any t-shirt of your choice from The Chop Shop Store


  1. Participants didn't need to be a user, but it was strongly encouraged to create an account.
  2. Entries had to be submitted by 5pm Eastern on 5/12/07.
  3. Participants could enter both contests, but in the event that a user won the re-recording contest, that user's entry for the lyric re-write would become null and void (and vice-versa).
  4. "Have fun!"