Lyrics:The Car Crash

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The Car Crash
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

John Linnell: Sure. Um, actually, instead of that, I think we're gonna do something called "The Car Crash," which we've never done in Munich before, because we've never played in Munich before. Um, what we're gonna do is divide the entire audience down the middle. Okay, people over here, uh, that's "links" from me, uhh, you're the beginning of the crash. Okay. And that's the part that goes "eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!" And then the people on this side are the final, tragic end of the crash, and that's the part that goes "oahhh!" Okay, and so it's in very quick succession, first one side, and then the other, and it's very fast. So like this: Eert! Oah! Okay, now we're gonna try it for real. Okay. That was just a test with the dummy. This is like real human beings this time.

Audience: EEEEeeeeeeert!

Audience: Oah!

Audience member: (squeal)

John Flansburgh: We'll leave it up to you if that was satisfying enough. It really worked for us.