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a lot of people don't know TMBG and XTC also shared a producer in Paul Fox - Fossilise Apostle

Should've been XTC Vs. Talking Heads. That's the real battle. - Ecks

Just saw Hot Fuzz; the first songs played in the background of the movie were "Goody Two Shoes" by Adam Ant & "Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me" by XTC. Coincidence? Or homage?

Any connection with songs containing the line "Time is marching on"? --ΰΌΊπ„žπ„†β“†β“€β“”β“›βŽˆβ’Ήβ“žβ“œβ“œβ“β“–β“”π„‡ΰΌ» 22:54, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

well, older was first recorded at the same time as this song, so it's not really clear which song had the words first. probably not a complete coincidence though... --ant 23:00, 25 April 2010 (UTC)