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Okay, I remember somewhere one of the Johns, or maybe Bill, or anyone really, talking about how They used to open for the Ordinaires in concerts, but then, as they got more popular and such, the Ordinaires were opening for Their shows, and they saw that as one of the first signs that they were becoming successful. Or something along those lines. If any of this can actually be substantiated and proven to be something other than one of my odd rambling thoughts, would anyone like to write about it on the Ordinaires article page? Thanks. ~ magbatz 18:21, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

Small world[edit]

It truly is a small world. I attended this event last night wearing my Idlewild-style t-shirt. A woman came up to me and said I should "look into the old Bar-None material by They Might Be Giants" because she knew one of the original members of the Ordinaires (I think she said Joe Dizney?). She didn't realize she was dealing with a superfan, though, because I was able to cite "Kiss Me, Son Of God" and we had a nice chat about TMBG. Meeting a random fan is rare enough, but someone who has one of those Kevin Bacon-type connections...what a cool coincidence! --MisterMe (talk) 08:40, 12 December 2014 (EST)