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Heard this one in Chicago. I can't really remember it, but I remember thinking that it was good. -AtionSong 21:01, 15 September 2006 (UTC)

whoa.. thi si number one now... ive never even heard it...

Does anyone have this song in any form? A recording from a show or a bad quality video or SOMETHING? PLEASE let me know. I've heard it once at a show, and was never able to track down any form of a recording. -ill masta

Nah. But on the bright side, one of the neat things about knowing the lyrics and not how the song goes, which lets you make your own rendition of the song before you hear it and your mind is blown. Like, when I saw the lyrics to Window, I thought it would be this real slick jazzy production, but then was shocked when I heard it as it actually was. (Though in spite of that nice bit of optimism, I'd much rather just end the suspense and hear it...) ~ magbatz

Alright, which one of you freaks started up the campaign to knock The Cap'M out of the #1 spot? The song had a perfect rating, until the ballot box started getting stuffed with 1's, but people who've obviously never even heard the song!--Richegreen 17:22, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

Is this song about L. Ron Hubbard? I hear he had a naval... thing... going on.

A good song that needed to played live before it was recorded. Linnell is too shouty in the vocals and as such it just isn't good on record as it really should be. I have not the first clue about what its about - but there was a whole interesting set of comments from other posters that it was about a rivalry between Linnell and Flans. Deleted, I guess because it was so inaccurate, it was fun to muse on the two Johns behaving like John and Paul. (Mr TucK)

This is definitely one of my favorites from The Else. The lyrics are reason enough to love it...I mean, "Look me over, I'm the Cap'm. Go ahead and mess with me, you'll find out what will hap'm," is probably one of my favorite song lyrics ever! -Tmbg_lover

This is an incredible song! Great chord on the word "not" in the first verse - and second verse for that matter. First: "Well there's not." Second: But I'm not." Another great chord is in the chorus - right before the second line "Go ahead and mess with me." In music, I want to hear great chords. Not on their own, in their context.

Also, great guitar parts in this recording. Driving. I wonder if it was the Dust Brothers who brought this out of the band. Very unusual for tmbg considering their history. Reminds me of the clash.--Corky k 04:58, 24 August 2010 (UTC)