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1:21 or 1:22 into the song, in either ear (at least as listened to in headphones) it sounds like something in morse code. Anyone out there know if anything meaningful is being said? -- 04:36, 19 April 2007 (UTC) (Jared)

In the instrumental bridge, the morse code in the background translates to "Ay, ay, ay, ay, canta y no llores," which is a line from the traditional Spanish song "Cielito Lindo." In English, that would be "Ay, ay, ay, ay, sing and don't cry."

I was bored the other day and tried to see if i could figure it out for myself... It's impossible! How does anyone figure that out! I clipped just to that section, slowed it down... Completely impossible. --Antgeth 00:39, 20 October 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, like 90% sure it's just an urban legend, and when asked, the Johns say it was too long ago to remember and it was definitely in English, soooo... --jimmyZenShinsThreeHundred11 (talk)

So... I was wrong... --jimmyZenShinsThreeHundred11 (talk)

The Pencil Rain is the rare beast of a Giants song, a real dirge. The protest message is lost in a desire for the song to finish. Rarely played live! (Mr Tuck)