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Another ode to inanimate objects[edit]

This has been a leitmotif of Linnell's subject matter on numerous songs, most famously with Birdhouse in Your Soul. Not sure if this will make the kids album though as it's kind of a scary song for a little one. The video with everything talking freaked me out a bit! Musically and Production wise I find it a bit odd. The one note organ riff is unconscious recycling from Metal Detector, where Linnell utilises the same trick. That this song is less successful (to these ears) is that it lacks the melodic changes of it's musical ancestor. The verses jump around one note and I kept expecting it to change and it doesn't, which is very un-Linnell like.

In the first half of the song I think there are problems in the way he's singing it and the way it's mixed. He's too loud/forceful and the slurring of one line into another makes it rather monotonous. This was a problem (to these ears) on I haven't seen you in forever. It's kind of over singing and it drowns out the music. Linnell's voice is also grating. Oddly enough this problem corrects itself at about 1.55 when he starts singing far more effectively (far less nasal) and Linnell's subtly moved a little further back in the mix. What also helps is Flans high backing vocals (providing a welcome contrast) and the final third of the song finished really strongly. One of those songs that will sound better live when they've had time to work out the arrangement. (Mr Tuck)

Last night, that "song" Tigerella came on my iPod, and I thought that it would have been hilarious to read your comments on it had you been reviewing Unlimited at the time... (Deysian)
Never heard it. The one gap in my knowledge is the Unlimited era as I did not have broadband. Trying to think of the best non song Giants song! (Mr Tuck)
Ah, it's a goofy home studio thing with lots of weird vocals and vocal effects, and very short. It's so silly and slight (and stupid) that it would be funny to read a lengthy serious (or mock-serious) review of it.  :) BTW, my offer still stands to share some of that stuff with you. (Deysian)

Just had a listen on Youtube...I was expecting more of a Residents type thing. I'll just go and write a review (I'm on holiday - time to kill!).

Thanks Deysian. Is there a way we can get in touch via this site? (Mr Tuck)
You're seriously going to encourage him? If you want to hear what he thinks about songs talk off-site. We don't need his usually depressingly negative thoughts on every single song ever. What we're already getting is bad enough. --Self Called Nowhere (talk) 01:56, 28 October 2015 (EDT)
That's harsh, he's got a right to be here and post as much as anyone else. He and I disagree all the time (except for our succinct exchange after listening to Moles, Bears, Bees, et al...), but that's the essence (and fun) of fandom, at least from my point of view. And by the way, I'm the first to tell him when I think one of his reviews is useless and/or groundless.

This is absolute nonsense. I would say my comments are far more positive than negative. They are critical though, so my marks (as reflected in the comments) range from 10 through to 1. A 10 might be Ana Ng or more recently a song like Sleep a 1 might be Dogwalker. Something like this would be a 5. That my comments on Glean have been more critical is because I think it's a weaker album than say Join Us or Nanobots. On Something I read last week (I gave a gushing review) and rate the song as an 8. It's there for everyone to see.

I also happen to feel that the band working as a duo is more effective. (Interestingly enough I see the band are doing a duo show next month). Rather than attacking me personally, why don't you engage with my arguments? If you don't want to do that why don't you write your own review? Some of my favourite posters on here disagree with my comments and when I read their reviews it sometimes make me think of what I've missed. Sometimes they correct me when I misunderstand who wrote what. I also enjoy reading from posters who know more than me, like Deysian, who was very informative about the Unlimited thing. Another poster recently talked about the pros and cons of modern recording methods which I didn't know much about. It's all good. There's room for us all on this (excellent) wiki. This is the last time I'm going to respond to one of your personal comments. (Mr Tuck)

Rehearsal footage[edit]

In case you wanted to see a few seconds of rehearsal footage from this song, check out this post from Flans' Instagram. --MisterMe (talk) 10:51, 31 January 2017 (EST)